Nerd³’s Three Free Games Friday – 1

Nerd³’s Three Free Games Friday – 1

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A new series! Just about every Friday I am going to display you 3 free of charge games that you can obtain! This is for all the persons who complain I expense them dollars displaying them awesome games. 😀

Game titles!

Tremendous Crate Box:
Steam Connection: http://retail
Non-Steam Connection:

Way of the Exploding Adhere:


All new music is in-sport new music. It tends to make me want to discover the moon.


  1. For Super Crate Box, the best 3 weapons (no particular order) are the revolver, minigun and machine gun, the flamethrower coming in 4th. The worst 3 are the grenade launcher (that arc shot is the worst), the disc gun and the mines.

  2. Ahh your lucky on your electronics I'm with my annoying cousin dylan LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL LLLLLLLLL great banter oops didn't mean that dylan

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