Humorous Game titles Trailer

Humorous Game titles Trailer

Trailer for impending film “Humorous Game titles”


  1. These fools had no gun, or anything. Only in a movie. I couldn't see these idiots getting away with all this in my neighborhood with some golf clubs. Smdh. 

  2. it always depicts to me that the police is not there whenever u need them. its really tough movies emotionally speaking , but guys don't u think the hero is a little bit soft good looking guy ?

  3. Is it terrible that I actually enjoyed this movie? I found the story disturbing at some points, but it was still good.
    Or maybe I just appreciate Michael Pitt's face too much.

  4. forget about the ending!!! whats with the remote control scene ?!!?!! i couldn't believe what i was watching…
    the only defense for the producers is that the two guys were actually demons like someone mentioned here BUT there was no indication in the movie that demons are around lol (was it that deep?! to deliberately not mention it?!well…) AND why would a demon need a remote control to undo the wife's reaction lol

  5. I wanted to see this because I thought it was going to be so interesting to see two young men try to do this to a family and see how it turned out. But nonsense had to be thrown in to make the entire movie a means of communicating a fairly obvious message about society and violence in the media. As if he couldn't just tell people. As if wasting peoples time with an entire movie would make people care or think about it for more than a few hours before forgetting it and never thinking of it ever again.

    Nobody wants to watch an entire movie to learn some stupid directors obvious message. People, and myself, watch these movies to be entertained, immersed, and feel emotion. The movie could have been interesting but instead was turned into a pathetic attempt to make the director seem intelligent and somehow ABOVE other horror film producers. The main reason why all of them make these movies is money, this director included. In my opinion he's worse.

  6. Reasons these guys probably aren't really guys, but demons:

    – the controller rewinding time.
    – the dog barking like crazy trying to protect his pack.
    – the fact that they had to be "let in" the house (reason for the eggs) every time. They have to have a reason (they could just barge in, but they don't, or more accurately, can't.)

  7. This is one of my favorite movies, and definitely my favorite for a suspense movie. It's strange because it gives you conflicting emotioms. I fell in love with the antagonist while also hating him. It gives you that sort of "Stockholm syndrome" feeling. To fall in love with the sadistic murderer who has a sweet side. LOVE this movie. Love love love.

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