Extra Credits – Doing Free to Play Wrong – How Bad Monetization Harms F2P Games

Extra Credits – Doing Free to Play Wrong – How Bad Monetization Harms F2P Games

Cost-free to Participate in or F2P online games typically make criticism for placing revenue forward of great recreation style. Fork out walls and fork out to gain monetization procedures corrupt the working experience for all players.

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Extra Video games to Focus on:

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  1. After playing Kingdom Hearts: Unchained X all week, I have a bad feeling that it will fall into the former category. To get upgrades, you earn or buy jewels. However, earning jewels is way to easy, so buying jewels is pretty pointless. I'm becoming one of those people who enjoy earning jewels, and buying them would just take the fun out of earning them.

  2. I suggest Mabinogi as a good example of Free to Play done right. All the things you can pay entice you to pay for them because they look like fun, but aren't necessary to play the game. They make it easier, such as allowing instant revival in dungeons, or pets that let you fly through the sky, but they aren't necessary. And the thing is, it makes me want to spend money. So I say Mabinogi is probably one of the good Free to Play games done right.

  3. I bought civilizations and total war games in steam sales… I get A's on world history and my world history teacher is asking where I get all these historic hyposythis about things. And I've only spent 70 dollars on 5 games, (about, I'm not sure.) but hell every total war game I play lasts at least two time periods with two other factions, I've made mods and downloaded them. F2P games, I blew through 100 dollars in a year, only to see another paywall.

  4. i would recommend warframe as a game were the the players who spends nothing has the advantage over the player who shells out for everything. check it out tell me if you agree.

  5. i feel like the money bomb is like the tf2 conga or other collab taunts. It turns the game into a party. until the tryhard comes in and kills everyone and then sits in spawn with all the dominated kills…

    damn YOU CREEPERHNTER2007!!!!!

  6. I personally think Star Trek Online did a good job with the F2P model, you CAN play the game all the way through for free, BUT there are vanity items that make the game more fun or more enjoyable, that yes you can sell for in game money, or use yourself. and you can buy Dilithium, another ingame money that is hard to amass if once you hit a certain point, with the Pay money you use to buy it from other players who in turn can use that pay money to buy items from the pay money store or save it for when they need to get dilithium. There are ships you can buy that make the game easier in the end game, but at the same time they are useless to a starting player as you must work your way up to them… Sorry I didn't mean to make this a large post, but I wanted to share my thoughts on Star Trek Online

  7. extra credits have you heard of team fortress 2? it is f2p and its fun withhout paying and its really fun and paying makes the game even more fun

  8. TF2 does this fairly well imo. Being a premium member only gets you access to hats, which are never required and as of now provide no benefits to premium player (other than amazing fashion.) If you remain F2P than you lose no gameplay elements. You can't trade and your backpack space is limited, but if you play on christmas, you get a item to increase your back pack space.

  9. Fallen London is great at this — it's the only free-to-play game where I've ever chosen to pay up. You can subscribe for a few dollars a month, which gets a new story and more actions each month, but you don't have to. You can also spend Fate on a variety of things (unique items, recovery from death or exile, and so on) but you don't have to, and it's not slowed down to force the matter. The big thing is that Fate can be spent to buy unique stories. These are huge, but again, you can get through the whole game without feeling deprived of you don't pay for them. I only started paying 2 years in, after I'd finally managed to get through every story in the game. I wish more companies followed that philosophy of making paid content parallel to the free content, not in competition with it.

  10. or just buy a 5 dollar mobile game that doesnt suck and isnt filled with greedy bs from the devolopers cough cough clashofclans or minecraft id rather but minecraft its cheap and for people saying id rather just get the free garbage its free for a reason just a warning

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